Fulmars and Iceland Gulls in Disko Bay. Photo: Carsten Egevang
Fulmars and Iceland Gulls in Disko Bay. Mallemukker og hvidvingede måger i Diskobugten. Photo: Carsten Egevang.

Choose between the species on the list to the left and read about biology, distribution and status for the birds in Greenland, and read about science and management.

About 60 species of birds breed in Greenland, and about 20 species breeds at the coast. about one half leave Greenland in the wintertime. Birds are everywhere in Greenland, from the coast to isolated Nunataks in the inland ice of far at sea. Only the inland ice itself is not a habitat for the birds.

Hunting the birds has been important for people to settle in the arctic environment. Eiders and murres have playde a very important role in arctic household.

Updated 05.17.2011