Advice for newcomers to Nuuk

View from GINR. A small part of Ilimmarfik - University of Greenland is seen in the foreground, Akia/Nordlandet in the background.

Are you planning on moving to Nuuk to work at the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, there may be many practical issues to consider. We have collected various practical information, which will probably give you answers to some of the most common questions.

Getting to Nuuk

It takes approx. 4 hours to fly from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq with Air Greenland. Then there is a flight time of approx. 1 hour to Nuuk. It is not seldom that there are delays.

A good alternative is to travel via Keflavik Airport in Iceland. From here Air Iceland operates a direct flight connection to Nuuk twice a week.


There lives around 56,000 people in Greenland, of which is approx. 6,000 Danes. Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, has approx. 15,500 inhabitants. Nuuk is located on Greenland's west coast and is called an open water city, which means that you can sail to the city year round. There are no roads or railways between cities in Greenland. Nuuk is located south of the Arctic Circle, but there is still bright around the clock in summer and approx. 5-6 hours daylight in the winter.

Drivers licenses

People with a Danish drivers license can at the police station in Nuuk Greenland get a Greenlandic drivers license. It requires Greenlandic license to drive. The Danish driver's license can be used by tourists in max. 2 months.


There are good public transport (bus Nuuk) in Nuuk. Furthermore, it is relatively cheap to travel by taxi. Moreover, the distances in Nuuk are no larger than many would prefer to cycle or walk.

Greenland websites the PA's official website Nuuk municipality's website with practical information about Nuuk, and the municipal services and conditions.
Sermitsiaq.AG Internet edition of the newspaper SermitsiaqAG. Updated several times daily. Greenland National TV channel with news of the day. Local Nuuk television with daily news broadcasts, music and theme shows, and lectures. The Greenlandic telecommunications company, which can be read in terms of telephone and internet. Academics Association of Greenland. Information on collective bargaining agreements and other information for new employees, regardless of consent. job portal, which contains a series of personal stories from life in Greenland. have answers to various practical issues related to shorter or longer stays. Information about Greenland as a whole.


As a resident in Greenland, Greenland rules applies. Before settling in Greenland it should be examined thoroughly and such as applying for an exemption for Danish tax withholding, etc. You may contact the Greenland Representation in Copenhagen for additional information.


If you are not provided with accommodation provided in connection with your employment, you can find guidance on such rentals from Housing Association Ini a / s or Housing Association Iserit a / s
You can also find rentals by real estate agents in Nuuk:
Grønlands Ejendomskontor
Property Office Igloo

National registration and certificate of residence

Within 5 days after your arrival in Nuuk, you must register with the population register at municipality office in Nuuk. At the same time you should ask to obtain a residence certificate. Residence certificate used in connection with tax matters and during trips in Nordic countries where it is applied as the social security card.



There are 5 schools in Nuuk and Nuussuaq, a private school, a gymnasium, a business school and several other educational institutions. After school, there are childcare facilities for children in smaller classes. Greenlandic is the main language of teaching in public schools. Guidance on school and leisure can be found at Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (Nuuk).


There are creches and kindergartens, but the likelihood approx. 1 to 2 year wait for a seat. Alternative care for minor children is private daycare, which costs approx. 100-150 kr. per day. child, or 2,500 to 3,000 on the month. More information childcare is available at the following link for the Nuuk Municipality: Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (Nuuk).


Greenland Regional Library, including children's library, is located in Nuuk with a good selection of both fiction and literature. There is established a number of computers where you can check emails, etc.


There are 2 banks in Nuuk, Greenland Bank and BankNordik. However, the latter has no cash function. There are ATMs in both banks in Nuuk, and cash in advance and Visa Card can be used in all stores and the like.


Queen Ingrid's Hospital (SANA), which is rural hospital is located in Nuuk. There is a medical clinic, whom correspondence should happen in case of illness. (His own doctor, as is known in Denmark, does not exist). You can find instructions on the hospital website. In Greenland used no health insurance.


There are dental service for children and young people and adult treatment for acute needs. There are no costs associated with medical / dental care. There is also a private dental clinic.
Recreation & amusements


It is published 2 dual-language newspapers weekly. AG on Wednesday and Sermitsiaq on Fridays. There is also an online version Sermitsiaq.AG. Nuuk weekly husomdeles free every Wednesday.
In Nuuk to buy dagfriske Danish newspapers in the supermarket, Pisiffik and kamik etc. Post Greenland has a service with print on demand which may be awarded a contract for example, be supplied with a printed dagfrisk Nordic or other foreign newspaper and receive the same address daily over a period. You should contact the post office to inquire about possibilities.


Katuaq, Greenland's culture is centrally located in Nuuk. Katuaq stage events of different cultural character of Greenlandic and foreign artists, exhibitions, concerts, theater, etc. The cultural center is also cinema showing the latest movies and a café where, in particular Brunch is served on weekends.


There are several halls in Nuuk and Nuussuaq where clubs play badminton, football, handball, volleyball, karate, etc. The club, which can be grown aerobics, strength training, etc. There are ski lifts for children and adults. Ski gondola website is updated daily with information on hours, temperature etc. There is also done cross country skiing at 5, 10 and 15 km. You can enroll in ski school with training in both cross country and alpine skiing. Hunting, fishing and hiking in the mountains is popular in season. There exists a golf club in Nuuk with a 9 hole course. There is a beautiful swimming pool, Malik, who has won an international prize for architecture.


It is more expensive to call in Greenland than in Denmark.


Internet is significantly higher in Greenland than in Denmark, and fixed price (flat rate) subscription with unlimited usage does not exist. They pay rather than by consumption.


In relation to city size is a good selection of shops. Food can be bought in the supermarket and Pisiffik well as several private shops, and the offer is equivalent to an ordinary large Danish supermarket. Other products available to a reasonable extent, both in terms of electronics, clothes, and the like.


Of course one can travel and visit friends and relatives in other towns in Greenland, but since there can only be used air or sea the cost is relatively high. A round trip ticket from Nuuk to Denmark costs about 8,000 depending on season and ticket type.

Price level

Prices are slightly higher in Greenland, and groceries are more expensive than in Denmark.


There are different kinds of restaurants in Nuuk, and they vary in price range and quality, ranging from pizza and the like gourmet food.

Updated 10.22.2015